6 Reasons You Need A Website For Your Business

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Many business owners ask themselves “do I need a website for my business?”. The short answer is yes, absolutely! Your business will benefit from having a website, and we’ll explain why.

The internet has tremendously impacted culture and business since it was launched and continues to grow in importance along with digitalization. Today, everyone is using the internet daily for multiple reasons – streaming Netflix, learning a new skill, shopping, researching, or connecting with friends all over the world.

Some might believe it is too expensive to have a website, some use other platforms and channels for marketing (e.g. Facebook), and some might not yet realize the benefits of having a website. However, websites today are a lot cheaper than they were a decade ago and will pay themselves over time.

So – why should I have a website for my business? Here are six reasons:

1. Increases your credibility and professionalism

Your website is your business card online, it can help make a great first impression and establish trust between your customer and your business. People may question your legitimacy if your business does not have a website.

In addition to having a website, you need a professional, good-looking page with a great user experience since more than 75% of people judge a business’ credibility by its web design.

2. Accessible customer service 24/7

A website is available every second of every day, year after year. This provides your customers with information whenever they are ready to receive it, even if that would be 2 AM. In addition, most people thoroughly research services and products before buying nowadays – making the information you have on your website crucial for your business.

You can also encourage website visitors to reach out to you by having a contact form, asking them to get in touch. You might also have a 24/7 chatbot integrated to your site to help customers navigate your site and answer questions they have. This ultimately gives your customers a good experience with your company.

3. Your virtual showroom

Whether you are a photographer, a craftsman, or a designer, your website acts as your virtual display window. Showcasing your products or services plays an essential role in selling, giving customers a taste of how your service or product can help them and if it’s a suitable match.

4. Make Google work with you and reach new potential customers

Having a website can help you appear in Google’s search results, making it easy for existing customers and new potential customers to find you. Today, the first thing many people do when they hear about your company, service or product, is Google it. A website with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you and your website’s visibility in Google searches and drive traffic to your website. People might also find you through other keywords related to your business if your SEO is done properly.

5. An essential part of online marketing

Online marketing has become increasingly more important, as it is a less expensive and an effective way of doing things compared to traditional marketing. However, it is not as effective without a website, as the website acts as the final destination to which you want to send your customers to learn more.

6. Customize to your own needs and your own brand

A website allows you to tell your story in your own way. It paints a picture of your brand through the visuals, content and user experience, taking them on a custom ride specifically to showcase and enhance the best of you and your business. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, cannot be customized in the same way – everything looks the same.

These are a few reasons why your business needs a website. If you’re still wondering if you really need one? Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s talk.

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