How much does a website cost?

So, you’ve decided your company needs a website. But how much would a new website cost for your company? The short answer is: it depends.

The average website made by a web design agency will cost you between 500€ and 15 000€ – which is, of course, a very big price range. This is because every website is unique. There are a lot of things that determine the final price of a website, but there are a few bigger factors determining the price.

Getting started with your website

To start off, you need a domain and web hosting. A domain is the address of your website on the internet, e.g., or Some domains may cost up to hundreds of euros annually, but the average domain will cost you 10–25€ per year.

Web hosting is needed to keep your website on the internet, it’s where your website is stored. The cost of your hosting depends on a few things, for instance, the size and complexity of your website, email needs, and estimated web traffic. Many hosting plans allow email accounts, meaning you can have your domain in your email address – for example or – which will look very professional.

The scope of your website

The type of website you need plays a big role in the final price. A static, one-page website does not cost the same as a 10-page site or an e-commerce store. Similarly, a small one-story house will be very differently priced than building a big, 3-story house or a mansion.

Complex websites with dynamic content require a lot more customization and usually a lot of pages. Business websites typically include pages like:

  • Homepage
  • Services
  • About us
  • Contact

While an e-commerce store website will have dynamic pages like:

  • Homepage
  • Main page
  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Account page

There are of course other factors weighing in on the end price when making a website, besides the number of pages. For example, you might also want some extra features, which could be integration with live chats (e.g., contact forms, blogs, pop-ups, and booking and reservation systems.

Content is key

As of January 2021, 96% of Finns chose Google for searching the web – which definitely makes Google an essential ally to make happy. Having a website that is search engine optimized (SEO) is very important, otherwise showing up in the search results on Google will be difficult. Google can also give penalties for different reasons, for example keyword stuffing, so professional SEO on your website is definitely something worth spending your bucks on.

SEO is partly done in the back-end, partly front-end. Front-end is where your content gets to shine – copywriting, pictures, graphics, animations and so on. Copywriting is important both in SEO purposes, as well as user experience – well written content on a website does wonders for both.

website design planning

Web design and usability

Responsive design is critical in websites today, since a big share of web traffic is generated by mobile devices. There are still web designers who sell responsivity as an add-on service, but most web design agencies will include responsive design in the basic package. Having a responsive web design means that your website scales and adapts to different screen sizes, it will look different on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, while still offering the same content.

The design part of the website is also valuable. Having a website that is nice looking, easy to use, and is selling your products for you 24/7 – isn’t that the dream? Design contributes a lot to user experience, which is important to keep your website accessible and usable. Good, custom design will be a small investment, as opposed to using a ready-made theme or templates that are not customized for you, your company, and your offering. Putting effort into your branding, the right colors, typefaces, graphics, and overall look of your website will always benefit you and give you value.

Keeping your website up and running

Your website needs to stay accessible and working 24/7. This requires all sorts of maintenance – updates, monitoring, licensing fees, and security. Many web agencies offer maintenance plans, these often include updating both content and software, as well as making sure the website is working and staying safe. In most maintenance plans you will be paying for:

  • Maintenance fee
  • Domain
  • Web hosting
  • Possible licenses


As you can see, the price of a website depends on many different factors, ranging from design and content to the size of your website. Every website is unique, which is why one simply cannot say a fixed price when asked what a website costs without knowing what is needed. To get an offer on your future website, contact us and tell us what you want at: or 040 6633 400.

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